Green Label Turf is the industry leader and manufacturer of synthetic grass solutions whose realistic look and feel makes them the perfect choice for a wide variety of residential and commercial landscape applications. Decades of research and development has gone into the creation – and continued evolution – of our artificial grass landscape products, serving as the centerpiece for playgrounds, pet run areas, backyard putting greens, and rooftops and patio decks across E.U. For a long time, Green Label Turf has been a beacon of innovation in our industry, manufacturing and installing state-of-the-art synthetic grass products that set the standard for realism in every way. From the very beginning of production to every aspect of your installation, we are able to control all of the factors that ultimately result in incredible products and inspiring outdoor centerpieces. This means complete quality control from start to finish.

Green Label Turf, we believe in the power of an informed consumer, and take pride in educating our customers about every aspect of our synthetic grass systems. From the specific style of artificial grass you choose to each design and installation element, we want you to feel involved at every turn. The versatility and durability of our artificial grass solutions is the reason we can create everything from putting green in your backyard to a public lawn area for playgrounds, rooftops, apartment complexes and more.