Dealer Opportunities

A partnership that you make with Synthetic Turf International is merely the inception of a ride that takes you to success. Since, time immemorial, we have always helped our dealers in dealing with a network that is extensive besides an organization till upwards from the ground. If you have desires for a partnership with strong brand where skills are necessary for succeeding, then Green Label Turf is certainly the best choice you make.

The advantages and dealer opportunities of Green Label Turf

The University of Green Label Turf

Green Label Turf is an exclusive university that offers training programs that are in-depth. When attendees are no more a part of Green Label Turf, they are trained to install and sell synthetic turf at any place. With GLTU, mission of ours has always been preparing the dealers for nothing but success.

Lead generation/national marketing

Green Label Turf presents marketing programs that are valuable and there is generation of leads for growing business from the very first day. We are crucial part of the team just like you are a portion of ours.

Local/Co-op marketing

You operate and still own the business of yours, and we assist by presenting you with tools of marketing that has to be used in the local market, inclusive of brochures, ads, newspaper and direct mail.

Product variety and quality

GLTU applies for technological expertise, installation experience for years now, and components that are of high quality for ensuring that every product exceeds its application needs. We posses turf for each imaginable application.

Reputation of the our brand

Green Label Turf has been an active business participant, for years now and is improving, constantly. Numerous credible and trustworthy references support us from all around the world.

Training and support for the dealers

Green Label Turf has been supporting its dealers from the start to the finish and even beyond. It combines its expertise and state-of-the-art training programs for creating combination that wins. We train every new dealer in our GLTU programs, where they derive knowledge about installing and selling of synthetic turf in any part of the world.

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