We at Green Label Turf strive in making the process of ordering the turf an extremely easy one. Our company tries to alleviate every small issue. Rules mentioned own below are typically of some commercial companies of freight and also apply to every artificial retail turf companies. We always make it certain that customers get informed about procedures related to freight carriers that are common prior to purchase. This creates the best buying experience eventually as it is easy as well.

All turf products of ours are shipped to the area that is commercially zoned, to a business. They are meant for orders that are above a certain amount. We charge a nominal residential for orders that reach the residential zones. However, all upfront charges of shipping are covered by us. Before the delivery of the turf, our residential customers are notified beforehand, by freight companies.

Our delivery policies

The delivery from our end is curb-side delivery that means that freight companies or drivers are not responsible for the freight offloading from trucks. However, they are certainly going to make help efforts. We will not be responsible for associated cost of rescheduled installations in case of delays in product delivery. It is advisable that despite installer unit present with you, you must not aim at scheduling the installer unit.

No delivery on Sundays or Saturdays

Shipping takes five to ten days of business, typically and in rare cases, it might take even longer. Hence, you need to check with salesperson at our end for an estimated time period for shipping.

Damages incurred during shipping

We make infinite efforts at our end for making sure that product is delivered to you in one-piece however some damages are beyond our control. They do happen but it is on you for making a note for each roll that has been damaged, on the receipt of driver’s delivery. You can contact our staff of sales if your order is an urgent one, so that you are directed on the shipping time.

You are free to make a call to us, the moment any damages are seen by you. It is to let you know that concealed damages may happen, despite best of our efforts for minimizing it.